What the Fuck21 Videos

Little Kid Steals the Show

Here’s a kid who hams it up on the weather show. You can see the adult weather guy getting progressively more irritated by the kid but remains a professional. More important than anything is this kid’s latent gayness and his destiny to come out of the closet after the show…

Meet the Gay Transsexual Dragon Lady

Jesus Christ. Where to start. Gay guy is vice president of a bank in the USA, presumably packs away a lot of money. Gays along until he gets aids. Probably doesn’t work again but wants to become a lady and a lizard thing. So he spends thousands to look like a female[?] reptile. What a […]

Crazy Woman Loses her Mind over Minor Speeding Issue

This woman must have a real issue with ongoing speeders in her neighborhood as she walks her dog. Watch her go totally apeshit over a couple who claim they were doing 32 in a 25 zone….she may also be a complete dyke who works for the government, but I’m not sure….check out how low her […]

Transgender Man Identifies as a Dog

Paul Joseph Watson presents this total whacko who claims to be a dog. Prepare for more and more nutcases surfacing with all sorts of fucked up ways to identify themselves….what the fuck….really So this person originally was a woman (small tits?) and then identifies as a man who identifies as a dog…..Just shoot me….

Cop Killer Ralph Elrod

Elrod got into an altercation with a couple of kids on the street and was then to be arrested by police. He shot them both and then had a protracted gun battle with their back up officers. After he surrendered he was given life with no parole. The prosecutor consulted with the victim’s families and […]