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Camping on a Chimney

This Romanian Couple goes around climbing the tallest chimneys in Europe. In this case they actually pitch a tent on the top of the chimney and spend the night. Either side of the chimney is 600 feet to the ground…..

Riva Mythos 122

With only a handful in the world, this is probably the best motor yacht ever made. Sexy lines and endless features make this the perfect boat for the absurdly wealthy. For the rest of us, a cool video like this lets us admire this amazing boat…  

United Boeing 377 Stratocruiser

Check out this old film in the 1950’s where rich people could fly to Hawaii on this double decker plane and have a great time eating, drinking, sleeping and fucking along the way. Once you get there, you get a royal welcome as you stagger off the plane. This is a far cry from today, […]

Coping with our Daughter’s New Face

This is the incredible story of Katie Stubblefield who lost most of her face in 2014 to a gunshot wound. Two years later surgeons in Cleveland conducted a face transplant that took over 30 hours and gave Katie a second chance at a normal life. This short documentary is a tribute to the ambitious surgical […]

Man Flies into Clouds with Balloons

This cool guy wanted to promote his company so he bought a shitload of balloons, tied them to a lawn chair in Calgary and went aloft. Later he parachuted down and was arrested for a whole whack of violations maybe even attempted murder. Those Canadians have no imagination or sense of adventure…

China Expandable House

Here is a great idea out of China for an expandable house in a box that expands out to about 24 feet wide. It’s easy to transport on a standard road with a collapsed width of 8 feet and sets up in minutes.

Amazing Pipistrel Electric Plane

Here’s the world’s first practical electric powered plane. Great looks, super quiet and economical, it will become the favorite of flying schools. Maintenance is much simpler and cheaper than conventional gas powered planes. The range is still comparatively short, something they’ll need to work on improving on future models…