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The Secret History of Western Education (1 hr)

Watch this in depth INFOWARS documentary on the progressive agenda to dumb down and marginalize our students within the totally corrupt educational system. Along with various drugs for A.D.D., O.C.D. and other profitable syndromes, the educational system and over-medication is working towards future generations of mindless work drones.

Why Some Cars have Timing Chains Vs. Belts

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic legend talks about gears, chains and belts. Most importantly, stay away from shitty timing belts and always buy a car with a timing chain. Ask the dealer before you buy and also check it out on the net. There are many sites that list what is equipped on specific vehicles….  

Allow me to Die

Euthanasia in Belgium is now becoming commonplace. Their laws are becoming more and more liberal when it comes to euthanasia regardless of age. Here are several cases involving this sensitive topic…

Two plus Two equals Five

An interesting short film from the International Film Festival depicting the brainwashing of children in our messed up educational system, which no longer teaches kids but brainwashes and indoctrinates them into the establishments world, their beliefs and messed up values…

China Expandable House

Here is a great idea out of China for an expandable house in a box that expands out to about 24 feet wide. It’s easy to transport on a standard road with a collapsed width of 8 feet and sets up in minutes.

Amazing Pipistrel Electric Plane

Here’s the world’s first practical electric powered plane. Great looks, super quiet and economical, it will become the favorite of flying schools. Maintenance is much simpler and cheaper than conventional gas powered planes. The range is still comparatively short, something they’ll need to work on improving on future models…

Exploring Abandoned Resort Island

Exploration of abandoned resort island ravaged by weather and shut down a few years ago. Some people still on the island operating a generator and some other utilities. There are investor plans to resurrect the island again soon though….