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Camping on a Chimney

This Romanian Couple goes around climbing the tallest chimneys in Europe. In this case they actually pitch a tent on the top of the chimney and spend the night. Either side of the chimney is 600 feet to the ground…..

Sweden’s Feminizing of Boys

The left wing lunatics of Sweden who have already destroyed this once beautiful country are now raising their boys as girls in some sort of anti-male let’s wipe out guys program. Here are a couple of messed up lesbians raising two boys as girls. One of the lesbians is trying to be the “dad” with […]

African Man’s Attempt to Fly Flops Again

Check out this guy’s contraptions as he hopes to soar in the air. Maybe it’s just me but I think the wings are too small, the whole plane looks too fucking heavy and the motor is too under-powered. Besides that, the fat fucker in the cockpit is probably not helping things either.