Fails209 Videos

Black Friday Madness

Black Friday is an annual event where people kill each other for the best bargains in televisions, fitness equipment and electronics. Here are some warriors battling it out to the death for things like SONY 60″ TV’s and assorted laptops…

Little Kid Steals the Show

Here’s a kid who hams it up on the weather show. You can see the adult weather guy getting progressively more irritated by the kid but remains a professional. More important than anything is this kid’s latent gayness and his destiny to come out of the closet after the show…

How NOT to take Down a Tree

Check out these dipshits who take down a tree in the cul-de-sac with a few saws and a truck. They leave a total mess and block the street for days pissing off all the neighbors… Next time, hire a professional…..

Sweden’s Feminizing of Boys

The left wing lunatics of Sweden who have already destroyed this once beautiful country are now raising their boys as girls in some sort of anti-male let’s wipe out guys program. Here are a couple of messed up lesbians raising two boys as girls. One of the lesbians is trying to be the “dad” with […]

Some Americans are Seriously Ignorant 1

It’s true boys and girls,  Americans in general are becoming dumber and what’s even scarier is that so called educated people who are supposed to have in-depth backgrounds in business and history are coming across as seriously clued out. The average person on the street is a lost cause…  

Crazy Woman Loses her Mind over Minor Speeding Issue

This woman must have a real issue with ongoing speeders in her neighborhood as she walks her dog. Watch her go totally apeshit over a couple who claim they were doing 32 in a 25 zone….she may also be a complete dyke who works for the government, but I’m not sure….check out how low her […]