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Black Friday Madness

Black Friday is an annual event where people kill each other for the best bargains in televisions, fitness equipment and electronics. Here are some warriors battling it out to the death for things like SONY 60″ TV’s and assorted laptops…

How NOT to take Down a Tree

Check out these dipshits who take down a tree in the cul-de-sac with a few saws and a truck. They leave a total mess and block the street for days pissing off all the neighbors… Next time, hire a professional…..

Sweden’s Feminizing of Boys

The left wing lunatics of Sweden who have already destroyed this once beautiful country are now raising their boys as girls in some sort of anti-male let’s wipe out guys program. Here are a couple of messed up lesbians raising two boys as girls. One of the lesbians is trying to be the “dad” with […]

Some Americans are Seriously Ignorant 1

It’s true boys and girls,  Americans in general are becoming dumber and what’s even scarier is that so called educated people who are supposed to have in-depth backgrounds in business and history are coming across as seriously clued out. The average person on the street is a lost cause…  

Fat Man Firecracker Suicide Vest

This fat guy periodically surfaces on the internet with some crazy stunt to get attention and usually hurts and mangles his fat body in some way. Here he puts on a vest made of firecrackers and then lights them and survives hundreds of mini explosions to his lard ass…

This is Why Aliens Won’t Talk To Us

For years, scientists have been transmitting messages out into deep space hoping to connect with aliens. Then we get this super gay guy dressed up for Halloween gyrating in front of the camera. What would you think about our species when you see this nonsense…?

Dude Spends Fortune to look Like Kim Kardashian

I’m not sure where to start with this one. So fucked up on so many levels. Firstly WHERE did he get all the money for this stupidity? This guy takes gayness off the scales here. Besides, where does he work with all his tattoos and totally fucked up look? Circus freak shows really don’t exist […]