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The Secret History of Western Education (1 hr)

Watch this in depth INFOWARS documentary on the progressive agenda to dumb down and marginalize our students within the totally corrupt educational system. Along with various drugs for A.D.D., O.C.D. and other profitable syndromes, the educational system and over-medication is working towards future generations of mindless work drones.

The World’s First Face Transplant

See how ambitious doctors in France have pioneered surgical procedures to transplant faces onto injured patients and give them a second chance at life. Some insight into the psychological implications as well as the inherent risks. Also see our video on Katie Stubblefield HERE and her more extreme face transplant in Cleveland Ohio shortly after […]

Coping with our Daughter’s New Face

This is the incredible story of Katie Stubblefield who lost most of her face in 2014 to a gunshot wound. Two years later surgeons in Cleveland conducted a face transplant that took over 30 hours and gave Katie a second chance at a normal life. This short documentary is a tribute to the ambitious surgical […]

Allow me to Die

Euthanasia in Belgium is now becoming commonplace. Their laws are becoming more and more liberal when it comes to euthanasia regardless of age. Here are several cases involving this sensitive topic…

Two plus Two equals Five

An interesting short film from the International Film Festival depicting the brainwashing of children in our messed up educational system, which no longer teaches kids but brainwashes and indoctrinates them into the establishments world, their beliefs and messed up values…

Deranged Killer Charles Whitman

Here is a great documentary on the most prolific killer in America up to that time….52 shot, many killed. This documentary examines this seemingly all American boy and how he eventually snapped and killed his mother, wife and shot up dozens of people, killing many from the Clock Tower at the University of Texas in […]

The Seven Wonders of the World

An amazing BBC documentary on the ancient seven wonders of the world. The engineering and building accomplishments of ancient times in many modern cases has yet to be duplicated….this documentary offers a fascinating journey into man’s accomplishments that endured for centuries….