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The 1943 Air Raid on Boise Idaho

Another great video by The History Guy revealing that the U.S. military accidentally bombed Boise Idaho during a training mission at night. The bombs were dummy bombs that did not explode but rained down on the residences of this town by mistake…

United Boeing 377 Stratocruiser

Check out this old film in the 1950’s where rich people could fly to Hawaii on this double decker plane and have a great time eating, drinking, sleeping and fucking along the way. Once you get there, you get a royal welcome as you stagger off the plane. This is a far cry from today, […]

African Man’s Attempt to Fly Flops Again

Check out this guy’s contraptions as he hopes to soar in the air. Maybe it’s just me but I think the wings are too small, the whole plane looks too fucking heavy and the motor is too under-powered. Besides that, the fat fucker in the cockpit is probably not helping things either.

Amazing Pipistrel Electric Plane

Here’s the world’s first practical electric powered plane. Great looks, super quiet and economical, it will become the favorite of flying schools. Maintenance is much simpler and cheaper than conventional gas powered planes. The range is still comparatively short, something they’ll need to work on improving on future models…

The Fun Flyer Ultralight

Here are a few ultralight planes in this cool video as well as the dual engine FUN FLYER from earlier days. This was when ultralights were just developing and two small motors were used because larger single motors just didn’t exist yet. Even with two motors these ultralight crafts were really simple in design and […]