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Camping on a Chimney

This Romanian Couple goes around climbing the tallest chimneys in Europe. In this case they actually pitch a tent on the top of the chimney and spend the night. Either side of the chimney is 600 feet to the ground…..

Riva Mythos 122

With only a handful in the world, this is probably the best motor yacht ever made. Sexy lines and endless features make this the perfect boat for the absurdly wealthy. For the rest of us, a cool video like this lets us admire this amazing boat…  

The Secret History of Western Education (1 hr)

Watch this in depth INFOWARS documentary on the progressive agenda to dumb down and marginalize our students within the totally corrupt educational system. Along with various drugs for A.D.D., O.C.D. and other profitable syndromes, the educational system and over-medication is working towards future generations of mindless work drones.

The World’s First Face Transplant

See how ambitious doctors in France have pioneered surgical procedures to transplant faces onto injured patients and give them a second chance at life. Some insight into the psychological implications as well as the inherent risks. Also see our video on Katie Stubblefield HERE and her more extreme face transplant in Cleveland Ohio shortly after […]

Chelsea Charms The Biggest Boobs in the Galaxy

Check out Chelsea Charms (not her real name) with these massive airbags. She probably doesn’t need to wear seatbelts. Watch part 1 where she is interviewed and in part 2 we have added some real boobage video of Chelsea in a black T-shirt that she eventually takes off. Maybe it’s just me but I think […]

Black Friday Madness

Black Friday is an annual event where people kill each other for the best bargains in televisions, fitness equipment and electronics. Here are some warriors battling it out to the death for things like SONY 60″ TV’s and assorted laptops…

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